2011 Hot Rod Ho-Down, Colorado Springs, Co.

    The Lonely Knights Car Club did it again and threw an amazing hot rod shindig. These guys know how to put on a car show and make it look effortless. They always bring in the best entertainment, pin-up girls, burlesque, and amazing cars. This years show was no exception.
    I decided to take the scenic route on my way up to the show. I love seeing all of the small towns along the way that you just can't see from the freeway. The roads are usually less crowded and there's more services such as gas, food and lodging, believe it or not. I never worried about gas or food and my hot rod really enjoyed the rolling hills as opposed to the mountainous ones on the interstate. I took one wrong turn though and ended up on a crazy dirt road that practically shook my fillings loose! Forty minutes or so later I ended up back on proper pavement and continued on. I shot a short video of that little side trip and will put it up on youTube as soon as I can.
    The drive up was beautiful and I got to see a lot of great scenery. By the time I got to Walsenburg though I was pretty exhausted and just wanted to lay down. So I got a room at the Anchor Motel. It's a great throwback to the old motels that lined these old roads before the scars of freeways tore our attentions away from them. The room I had was small but comfy. The motel was on a classic Main St. that made me wish I was born decades earlier. They had a single screen theater, diner, and a bar. What else could you need? I got a greasy double cheeseburger, onion rings, Pepsi, and an ice cold beer (while I waited for my food). I ate, crashed out, then hit the road again in the morning.
    Check in for the Hot Rod Ho-Down was at 9:30 am, I got there at 11am. There was a hundred cars there already and they kept on coming throughout the day. The show is open to different types of cars; customs, hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, and anything that fits the year restrictions. A VW club showed up and won the "Whatever" award. I guess they just dropped in and were well received by us all. I'm pretty sure they're called the Suicidal VDubbers CC.
    DJ Big Mike was spinning great tunes from the 50's all day long. He's a rockabilly kinda guy so the music was light on the do-wop and heavy on the hillbilly rock. He's also a great dancer and was seen inside later spinning the gals around the floor and even on the stage when the floor was full.
    The live music started at one inside of Southside Johnny's. This was a big part of my time there because that's also where they kept the frosty cold PBRs. I hope I get these names right; The Bop Kings, Jukejoint Cruisers, Starlight Drifters, Mad Dog and the Flying J's (I think that's wrong but I was pretty drunk by the time they came on!), and the Atomic Drifters. The music was great and there were lots of dancers.
    Well, enough words for now, I may add more later. Here's some pics that will give you an idea of how great this show is. I promised Herb and Trinnie that I would bring a large convoy of hot rods so mark your calendars for next year Albuquerque. The Ho-down is always in the beginning of August, somewhere in the first two weeks. So now you have no excuses!

Donald Brown Automotive Grand Opening Party

Donald Brown Automotive celebrated the grand opening of their second shop by inviting friends and family to visit their impressive new shop. There was free bbq, burgers and dogs. They also brought in some bands to keep the festivities lively. Performances by Swingin' Meat, The Quality Retreads, and GreaseSlap kept the folks entertained along with records being spun by Chops.  Several local car clubs were in attendance including the Meat Grinders CC, The Low Flyers CC, and the Cadillac Kings. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of photos but I'll be getting more from other people soon.

The Rusty Curtains CD Release Party!

    The Rusty Curtains had their cd release party at the Launchpad on Jan.14th. There was music all night long by Slik 50, Coke is Better With Bourbon, None of the Above,  The Rum Fits (their last show ever!), and of course The Rusty Curtains. Tony and Casey came back from MA. to grace us with their musical presence and whiskey fueled "love songs". Of course Dustin was back in the saddle behind the drums. Unfortunately he couldn't keep his hair under control and his pompador exploded after the first song! And to top it all off he lost his comb...oh the humanity!!! Luckily Saudi came up with a comb for poor ol' Dustin and his mane was once again dapper.
    Slik 50 opened the whole shebang with some of our favorite rockabilly standards. If you don't feel like dancing when they play then you might want to have your head examined! These guys have only been together for a short time but they are taking off like a hot rod with a super charger! Chops has been fronting Slik 50 for many, many years but this new line-up is really my favorite so far. There's Eddie on drums, Jeremy on rythym guitar, Gill on lead guitar, and Kendall on the upright bass. You can catch them every other Thursday at the Press Club (check the Events Calendar on this website for showdates). You don't need a membership to the Press Club to get in so come on down!
     There were lots of car clubbers there to enjoy the show and support the Rusty Curtains. In attendance were the Meatgrinders CC, REK Kustoms, Hellbombers CC, and of course the Straightrazors CC! If I missed someone please forgive me, I drank alot of beer that night! Check out the pics below! 

The Low Flyers Car Club Reliability Run, Dec. 12, 2010

              The fellas from the Low Flyers CC had their first ever reliability run on Sunday December 12, 2010. The run started with a meet up at the Owl Cafe on Eubank. Everyone had a great time haging out and looking at each others cars. In attendance were the Meat Grinders CC, The Rumblers Albuquerque chapter, The REK Kustoms CC, and of course the Straightrazors CC. We all had a tasty lunch served up by the wonderful staff of the Owl Cafe before hitting the road. 
             We took old Rte.66 up into the mountains where the scenery was amazing. The road took us winding around huge stone cliffs and up into an area that I for one had yet to visit. We ended the first leg of the run at the Ponderosa Restaurant where the beers were ice cold and served fast I was still full from the Owl Cafe so I didn't eat here. But I heard from others that the food was awesome.  We stuck around there for a couple of hours just talking, drinking, and listening to good music on the jukebox.
             The last leg of the run took us back down into ABQ proper to Sids house. He opened his place to the entire run for a closeout party. There was fried chicken, beer, and lots of car talk out in his shop. 
            The overall experience was very laidback and relaxing. Everyone mingled nicely and got to meet some new faces. I hear tell that they are planning their next one for sometime in February. So get your machines running and come along for a great downhome event.
                Here's some pics I took with my phone. I left my camera at home like a jackass!!!
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2010 Dia De Los Muertos Marigold Parade, ABQ NM.

   The Straightrazors CC made their first appearance this year in the Dia De Los Muertos Marigold Parade held in Albuquerques' South Valley area. We participated last year as well but were part of another car club at the time. This year we did not advertise the club but rather another venture of ours known as The Gilded Cage, Burlesk and Varieté. We put on shows here in Burque that involve burlesque, circus performances, fire shows, and much more.
   Ravens' F-3 took the lead for our group and ran like a champ. I don't care what anyone says about flatheads, hers is a work horse. People like to believe that they overheat like crazy but she remedied that by simply using an electric fan. Creeping along a slow parade in 2nd gear (1st is a granny gear) should have sent that motor into meltdown mode! But it held strong and stayed cool. Not to mention that the bed of her truck was filled with people throwing candy to the spectators. 
   My '39 was a last minute entry. I had issues with it stalling for the last couple of weeks and had to chase the problem through the motor. First I thought it was the fuel pump. After replacing the mechanical one with an electric one the problem still existed. Then I moved to the ignition. The points were fine but I decided to convert it to electronic just for longevity. Still stalling...so I checked the timing and my mark was way off at TDC. We (Sid, Matt, and myself) figured that the chain stretched and jumped a tooth. Another call to Jegs and I had my new timing gear drive. Well, it was running like a raped ape for about ten minutes then it stalled again. Finally I decided to swap the Edelbrock carb with a Holley on the morning of the parade and presto! She hauls ass now and did great in the parade. It got a little hot near the end of the parade but next year I'll throw on an electric fan to help with that.
  We had SId Anaya and his buddy Wayne along with us in Sid's hot rod. They are part of the Low Flyers CC and we were glad to have them participate with us. Sid is one of the first people we became friends with here in Albuquerque. He is a master at bodywork and using lead. Sid has his own hot rod/custom shop called Killroys' Kustoms. I have seen the work he's done and would recommend him to anyone looking for a straight and clean ride. He built the chassis for my Model T and it is perfect. He takes the time to unsure that the geometry of the vehicle is precise. His knowledge of chassis and drivetrain geometry is amazing. Sid has resurrected the Low Flyers Car Club as well. They were a big club back in the day that included some of the big shots in performance upgrades for cars. The club eventually disolved and has been defunct for some time now.
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2010 Route 66 Fun Run